Corn Wallpaper 1600×900

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Corn
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  1. jrguiherugerh says:

    i want to die

  2. saajjuunnn says:


  3. I oofed on u says:


  4. DE WEY says:

    I’m shucking myself tonight

  5. bob says:

    This is making me feel..

  6. Sam says:

    Im really corny

  7. Lolipop Origami says:

    That corn is hot.

  8. Cornyn says:

    Back in 2002, I was in a car accident and was in the hospital for some time. My gf ended up cheating on me while I was in there with some Cook from a restaurant who dealt drugs on the side.

    Screw her, I was glad she was gone, who wants someone like that in their life. I was beginning to move on, but this poophole would call me occasionally bragging that he took her from under me. I didn’t get it. I started to get more mad at him then her.

    I found out his email address and was able to get his secret question with some research.

    I got into his email and found a picture of him and a good buddy I guess with their arms around each other posing for a picture. Since I was already on bedrest due to the car accident, I took my time did some research digging through his old emails about this friend and other life stuff.

    I then spent the day writing a very long and detailed message about him being a homosexual, and how he was coming out of the closet, and he was madly in love with said friend from picture and they were going to get married and try to adopt children etc.

    It was really well written and very detailed.

    I then send the email out to everyone in his address book and everyone that had ever sent him an email. Golden I thought.

    ..But it got even better.

    Not only was his friend not gay, but he was engaged, and the fiancee did not like this at all, I guess it caused quite a poop storm, because the fiancee thought these guys spent too much time together anyways.
    ..but it got even better, (or worse).

    Apparently the penishead’s mother about 10 years ago, gave herself to god and became a nun. So you can imagine her reaction when her little angel, was doing this horrible sin. (I made references to them being lovers for years in the letter.)
    Needless to say, it caused a giant poop storm with everyone in his life.

    It was pretty evil, but the guy was an butthole loser, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    tl;dr – Guy was a penis who wouldn’t leave me alone about stealing my gf, sent out homosexual confession letter from his email. Hilarity ensues…

  9. mason says:

    totaly going to put this as my wallpaper

  10. fuck me corn says:

    lick me peepeehole aubrrey

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