1. ricxk says:


  2. v g g says:

    i poped liked in a mirowave

  3. Pablo Escavar says:

    try not to bust a kernel looking at this.

  4. jimbob says:

    im so steamy

  5. bryant44 says:

    My cob is hard rite now.

  6. cornshucker69 says:

    im so shucking corny right now baby

  7. hi says:

    i need help with my math homework, can you help me?

  8. Leo says:

    Just the right amount… half cob, half not…

  9. John says:

    🌾 I’m Corning!!

  10. Adam Lathot says:

    “Is it bad that my peepee is hard?”

    Sincerely, average roblox player

  11. Jered says:

    Iv just busted a kernal because of all these comments

  12. oh oh oh threesom bust a fucking nut oooooohohohoohhohoho

  13. bojiggles says:

    i lov 2 cob in sum personz kernl lik they want to bee raped

  14. cornhublover69420 says:

    these corn are really,,,, busting

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