1. Bob says:

    In class looking at corn hub 😀😂

  2. fghj says:


  3. CornLover69 says:

    I like to participate in drunk corn

  4. gunner says:

    i love corn hub its the best

  5. CornWhore27 says:

    Delicious, I’d eat it out in a heart beat

  6. freddycockjerker says:

    you gotta love some drunk corn

  7. succman says:

    extra thicc

  8. jayden arnold says:

    why dont they have gay corn

  9. BradIsHorny says:

    I want to rub that corn in between my toes dad.

  10. will mckinnly says:

    i want to have that cob and steam inside my mouth

  11. will mckinnly says:

    ive poped so many times to this

  12. Caleb Wenz says:

    Oh god, I would so love to just put my mouth all over that corn!

  13. Cornhole_el_Bungholio says:

    im usually very christian but this site has my corn puff sizzling im about to pop a kernel its the best corn ive ever enjoyed this site is aMAIZEing. Butter Me Up Daddy.

  14. dildo says:

    Good evening cornhub its ya boi dildo and about 30 to 45 minutes ago i beat the fuck outta by dick so god damn hard that i cant even feel my left leg my left as went totally numb and my dick as also went totally numb to the point to where it feels fucking weird when i go and take a piss.

  15. JOHN says:

    this isn’t a joke im hard asf

  16. JOHN says:

    OH GOD

  17. end me says:

    i love this i jerk off to this everytime thxx to the one who created this website

  18. Kyle says:

    I like humping grilled corn dogs

  19. igivecorn says:

    @pinkteeth go a fat long CORN

  20. Dog eater says:

    I lube my corn and rub it inside me, hope too see more content in the future for feminist corn and nazi corns

  21. Jack Underhill says:

    looking for a 4th man in fortnite on PS4

  22. Hot kernal says:

    Dude, this is hot

  23. kachiga my nigga says:

    i beat the fuck outta my dick to this

  24. Mr Pedo says:

    Butter me dad

  25. caleb says:

    caleb loves (p)(c)orn

  26. drose says:

    corn me harder daddy

  27. Xvxfxfxgjcvcvk says:

    My dady says that butters corn is not for the booty hole ching f did such j,nc,,

  28. My friend Jodude loves his gay corn

  29. Michael PentingTon says:


  30. FiggerNaggot says:

    do u ever just bite the damn cob and think of biting a penis off

  31. Barry McCokkener says:

    Im about to get my corn all buttery, if you know what I mean 😉

  32. FAPPING_TO_CORN says:

    what i fap to

  33. Thecornmaster5 says:

    Im going to corn so hard

  34. Thecornmaster5 says:


  35. Tyler says:

    Add me Instagram, tyler_brickey26

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