Gay Corn

Posted: January 31, 2018 in Corn, Uncategorized
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  1. Corn_dick says:

    oh yeah I like that shit papa

  2. Fryiez says:

    THis cool

  3. josiah says:

    ohhhhh yah!!!!!!!!!

  4. Robert says:

    Corn is great for my asshole

  5. Robert Hurt says:

    This corn makes me horny

  6. Tod says:

    this is better than potatoes

  7. cornlover9000 says:

    this make me corny

  8. Corny Horny says:

    so if im gay, this corn will like to be up my asshole?

  9. corny says:

    ohh yeah daddy!

  10. Jackson Sailliez says:

    I’m gay and love corn

  11. Lolipop Origami says:

    Gay Pride! Woo! Woo!

  12. bgjh says:

    Put it harder the Order is DLBS

  13. Dave the cornographer says:

    Trans corn anyone?

  14. Daddy_Cornking69 says:

    i’d put this corn so far up my ass i cold taste the rainbow..

  15. Hannah Berg says:


  16. Lewis Mathew says:

    Is legal if the corn is 1 and I’m 35 or is it sweet corn abuse

  17. hot wteamuy corn says:

    i want that corn shoved so far down my anus so it kills me :/ ima little depressed

  18. cornlover32 says:

    they need to do more kinky stuff

  19. cornsexer32 says:

    this really turns me on just thinking abt them getting peeled

  20. cornfukr69 says:

    Imma suck that corn so hard that it bleeds out of the tip.

  21. CornIsLove_CornIsLife_69 says:

    aww shucks…. corn shucks

  22. NoyGay says:

    Yall wierd

  23. fuck me corn says:

    sex please

  24. byhv says:

    can i order the corn toys it says 15 percent off i want to get it for my wife for 2 month anniversary.

  25. insert corny joke says:

    some one please i will chuck for free if you let me get you all buttery. come to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 and bring some corndoms.

  26. skskskskks says:

    looks pretty gay to me.

  27. Antonio Gayloice says:

    im xd
    but not gay corn this is the FBI anal and I am very corny rn plz givb me the warmy cormy corn stalk and eat it wit butterd conm

  28. Indian Guy says:

    ooooooohhohohoohohoho very sexy corn, please show bobs and vagene

  29. BigSHUCK69_420 says:


  30. lovemesomegoodcorn says:

    this bitch empty……….


  31. PoppyBoyyyy says:

    i only fuck fat bitches. that means only 350 and up or dont even waste my time with your lightweight bullshit

  32. Javon says:

    I am a real fagget thats likes to shove corn up my ass

  33. Shaque says:

    Corn on my cob please

  34. buttermycorn666 says:

    ur mom corn

  35. Henry hawthorn says:

    I want to suck it

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